05/03/2020Birmingham researcher awarded £1.68m to fund research in ‘raised brain pressure’
10/02/2020Rare Disease Day
30/01/2020Nature Communications: Super-resolution microscopy compatible fluorescent probes reveal endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor distribution and dynamics
05/12/2019Health Kick Podcast: Investing in repurposed drugs, combating intracranial pressure and why Invex caught NASA’s eye
21/11/2019Q & A with Professor Alexandra Sinclair
01/11/2019Medical Research That Reaches Outer Space
13/07/2019Professor Sinclair addresses IIH UK Patient Conference
11/07/2019Invex featured in Yahoo Finance and Motley Fool
09/07/2019Announcement by University of Birmingham
09/07/2019Invex Therapeutics debuts on ASX trading up over 100%
08/07/2019Small Caps Weekly Review: Monumental changes in interest rates and income tax, ASX nears all-time high
08/07/2019New WA ASX listing closes up 169%
05/07/2019Twiggy Forrest backed Invex Therapeutics has now doubled since its IPO
05/07/2019Statement from IIH UK Charity
03/07/2019Invex Therapeutics aims to repurpose a diabetic drug for brain disorders
13/06/2019NASA lands in city as it looks to take next giant leap
11/06/2019University of Birmingham experts could help NASA’s Mission to Mars
07/06/2019NASA delegation visits University of Birmingham to discuss its mission to Mars


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