Professor Sinclair addresses IIH UK Patient Conference

Professor Alexandra Sinclair (far right) with attendees of the IIH UK Patient Conference

Statement from Shelly Williamson, IIH UK Chair:

“The launch of Invex Therapeutics has caused quite a stir of excitement among the IIH community. We shared the announcement on our IIH UK National Charity Facebook page, it received 112 shares and has reached almost 18,000 people!  For the people we support a new drug to treat the main symptoms of IIH; intracranial pressure and headache is long awaited. 

When Professor Sinclair talked about the formation of Invex at the IIH UK Patient Conference the buzz in the room was electric, some even cried at the news.  More tears were shed during conversations with delegates later in the day, Invex has reignited a spark called Hope and we are excited to see what the future may bring.”